Entering my 4th semester in Graphic Design BFA

Spring 2012 I am taking the following classes at university:

  • History of Graphic Design (ARTH)
  • Graphic Design I (ART)
  • Design Technology II (ART)
  • Advanced Writing: Arts & Letters (WRI)

I’m only a couple weeks in, but I’m already very excited for these classes. GD I and DT II will see me creating more posters and websites using new techniques and exploring new ideas, concepts, and styles. My advanced writing class will help me become better at writing professional, whether it be for writing proposals or resumes or even professional reviews.

I am personally the most excited for the History of Graphic Design class. I find it endlessly fascinating to learn where things come from and how they evolved to be what we know them as today. I like to take things apart and learn how they work from their most basic form; this art history class will certainly do that intellectually for me. We are starting with ancient hieroglyphics as being one of the earliest forms of graphic design. Talk about a long and storied background!

Author: Angela

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