Popular Culture Promotions

The class is creating “Popular Culture Promotions”. Basically, promotion packages about a topic going on in popular culture. I examined the issues of gay/equal marriage and Prop 8,  2012 Apocalypse, and school nutrition. The 2012 idea lends itself to a lot of silliness and fun, but I think the gay/equal marriage plan would be the most interesting as well as enjoyable.

Moodboards and information:

Gay/Equal Marriage and Prop 8

  • Wedding invitation/paraphernalia style
  • Script fonts (Euphoria Script)
  • Sans-serif fonts to break up the script fonts (Anton, Meta)—let scripts be for more highlighted words/points/titles.
  • Colors – avoid cliché rainbow. Gender-neutral, neutrals with a highlight color, Tiffany-blue for American jewelry/romance reference
  • Elegance without being feminine
  • Damask print – something elegant for pattern, style
  • Headline/main title: “Everyone is Invited”. Tagline/subtitle “To get married.”
  • Arts and crafts style.. kind of

2012 Apocalypse

  • Satire of apocalypse, panic
  • Readiness preparedness plan/kit (last will and testament?)
  • End-of-world survival kit (canned goods, blunt objects for weapons, matches)
  • Grandiose language/alarmist style (WE’RE ALL GONNA DIEEE!)
  • Sans-serif fonts
  • Russian Constructivism?
  • Tschichold?
  • Industrial Revolution/advertising?
  • Post-modernism (Raygun)
  • Reds, blacks, greys

School Nutrition

  • Primary colors
  • Nothing too “childish” (try to make for all ages, not just kindergarten)
  • Fun, interesting, eye-catching (post-modernism [bring in da noise poster])
  • Sans-serif (Meta, Anton)
  • Lunch bag for package (canvas/reusable)
  • Lunch tray?
  • School lunch menu style – for information
  • Food pyramid, stylized
  • De Stijl?

Author: Angela

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