[The frame] disappears, buries itself, melts away at the moment it deploys its greatest energy. The frame is in no way a background… but neither is its thickness as margin a figure. Or at least it is a figure which comes away of its own accord.

Jacques Derrida

My thoughts on framing are similar to this quote: a great frame goes unnoticed in and of itself. It highlights the main attraction without taking any attraction to itself. Whether the frame is an actual frame or a margin around something. Things in a visual space need breathing room. A place for the eye to take a break.

Framing is a great way to also group things. A narrow margin around grouped items, and the groups separated from each other by larger margins. I’ve done that on many a portfolio website I’ve tried to organize. If done well, most people don’t even notice it. If done poorly, it’s just a mess.

Type on image still gives me some trouble, but when I can manage it, it still blows me away.

Author: Angela

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