Pattern & Diagram

I love pattern! I’m the type of person who likes order, so pattern speaks to me. There’s a geometry and mathematical element to pattern that I enjoy. And the more intricate a pattern can be, the more it can come alive.

Pattern I put together for a class, combining Greek, Turkish, and Chinese patterns to make something new.

Diagrams I can’t say have been anything I can do yet. But they are wildly fascinating. I suppose that’s the order-lover in me. Everything connects and has a purpose. I remember the first time I went to New York City (alone!) I was petrified of how I would find my way around with the subway. But after about a day, I was almost an old pro at it. Any time I found myself lost, I’d go to my map and work my way out of where I was. That handy diagram definitely eased my nervousness about getting lost. In fact, it got to the point where even when I was lost, I never felt any anxiety at all. I felt that confident that I could read that diagram and go anywhere. Can’t wait to go there again with someone I know and feel like the knowledgeable tour guide!

I pretty much lived on the F train! (Not literally.)

Author: Angela

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