Rules & Randomness

As I understand it, the human brain is almost incapable of being truly random. Even if we think we’re “randomly” selecting or distributing something, if it’s examined closely, there is actually a underlying pattern.

I’m a rules person, myself. I like things that make sense, a pattern, a clear purpose. That could be why I like building websites and hand-coding all the CSS. I like making all the rules and abiding by them. I like making things work and be cohesive and make sense to the general public. Going “outside the box” and trying to do anything random usually doesn’t get me very far and it’s definitely outside my comfort zone. But when I see it, I typically enjoy it and can be impressed by something being done a way I would never have thought of.

An older project where we had to take tools and arrange them in varying ways using rules, such as repeating and rotating.

I still struggle with randomness. But since I know it’s something that challenges me, I do like to face it head-on sometimes.

Creating Photoshop effect of text creating an image. (It's one of my cats.) It was a challenge to let go and be random with the text placement to create the image.

Author: Angela

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